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IR temperature transmitters and thermal imagers

Process Sensors Corporation Infrared Temperature division offers a comprehensive line of state of the art IR temperature and Thermal Imaging products. Serving a wide variety of industries PSC IR is up to the challenge of meeting even the most challenging temperature measurement tasks.

PSC offers sensors that can be integrated into OEM equipment. Also, offering a full line of Thermal Imaging products for fixed and portable applications.

Metis "Self Contained" Pyrometer Series metis

The Metis Self Contained series of IR Pyrometers was developed for precision on-line process temperature measurement applications. By utilizing digital signal processing, the Metis series exceeds standard analog pyrometers as far as accuracy, repeatability and wide temperature ranges are concerned.

Precision, adjustable focusable optics allows the Metis to pinpoint very small targets and features advanced sighting capabilities such as through the lens, laser or video. A variety of spectral responses are available for addressing the needs for specific temperature measurement applications. i.e.: Metals, Glass, Semiconductor, Vacuum, Ceramics, Plastics, Composites, etc.

PSC Small Smart Sensor PSC IR sensor

Precise noncontact temperature measurement from -40 to 900°C

Compact/OEM Series Pyrometers OEM sensor

The Models PSC-CS, -CMS, -SSS and -SSS-Laser are ideal for OEM applications in terms of size, pricing, digital/analog/sighting capabilities and product features. The PSC-CS “self contained” digital pyrometer offers bidirectional communication, silicone optics and the most advanced features offered by any economical sensor available today. The models PSC-CMS and PSC-SSS infrared sensors feature the same small size sensor head dimensions while the Model PSC-SSS-Laser pyrometer offers dual lasers for precision aiming with high resolution optics.

Thermal Imaging Cameras thermal Imager

Process Sensors’ line of portable, full featured radiometric cameras combine some of the most advanced capabilities in the industry: Blue Tooth Technology for voice recording, high resolution touch screen display and firewire.

The PTI Series of innovate upright-style infrared cameras are compact, light-weight and ergonomically designed for operators’ convenience. Every button is easily operated with a fingertip. The high sensitivity UFPA detector, matched with brilliant high resolution dual displays, provide sharp, crisp, thermal images for use in real time analysis. (60 fps).

A built-in laser pointer facilitates aiming while the high resolution digital camera records visible images of the corresponding thermal images for use in generating reports. High capacity memory storage and report generation software make these cameras ideal for field professionals needing to conduct:

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